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The chief instructor awards the student a White Belt signifying the student’s good intentions to take a wholesome path to self-improvement. A “seed is planted” once the student has learned their first basic form.

10th Gup White Belt Testing for 9th Gup Yellow Belt

Yellow and Senior Yellow

The student has been in school at least three months, has stayed with the program and has tried very hard to do what the instructor has asked. The student sees the light and is trying out of their own efforts to get there. The seed breaks through.

9th Gup Yellow Belt Testing for 8th Gup Senior Yellow Belt

8th Gup Senior Yellow Belt Testing for 7th Gup Green Belt

Green and Senior Green

The student now is very much stabilized. Their self-confidence has grown in the past 6-9 months. The seed has grown into a flowering tree.

7th Gup Green Belt Testing for 6th Gup Senior Green Belt

6th Gup Senior Green Belt Testing for 5th Gup Blue Belt

Blue and Senior Blue

The student now makes Martial Arts more than just a hobby to pass the time. The tenets of Tae Kwon Do become an active part of their everyday life. For the past 12-15 months the tree has been growing bigger and stronger, trying to reach the blue sky. Upon reaching this point, it is unlikely for the student to give up his training and just quit, since so much has already been accomplished.

5th Gup Blue Belt Testing for 4th Gup Senior Blue Belt

4th Gup Senior Blue Belt Testing for 3rd Gup Brown Belt

Brown and Senior Brown

The student has grown strong like a tree, and has gained the skills necessary to be termed an “advanced” student. Students at this rank may be asked to carry on some basic assistant instructing duties, which serve as part of the continuing growth process.

3rd Gup Brown Belt Testing for 2nd Gup Senior Brown Belt

2nd Gup Senior Brown Belt Testing for 1st Gup Red Belt


Two years of hard training cannot go by without a trace.  The color red signifies danger; danger for others to approach you in a harmful way, but also as a warning to the student not to be overconfident or lose their humbleness.

1st Gup Red Belt Testing for Temporary 1st Dan


It takes approximately four years to reach this stage.  Imperviousness to fear and darkness, learning to “push through the pain” and showing of great respect to high and low ranks alike is signified by wearing a black belt to hold your white uniform together. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit are words that have a clear and deep meaning to this student. This student is now considered a true student of Tae Kwon Do. At this point the student is asked to give back some of what they have received to fellow students, so they in turn can benefit.

Temporary 1st Dan Testing for 1st Dan

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