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Panther's Lair Fitness

Being physically fit gives us the strength to have a positive outlook and the ability to be the best version of ourselves. When we’re fit, we feel healthy, alive and filled with physical and mental energy to tackle any challenge. Fitness instills a fighting spirit and winning attitude. Join us!

Panther’s Lair offers dynamic group fitness classes through Panther’s Lair Fitness:
• Cardio Kickboxing
• Circuit Training
• High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
• Boot Camp
• Agility Training
Fitness classes are open to non-martial arts students. All ages and ability levels welcome!

Lissie Gottfried

Group Fitness Instructor/Martial Arts Instructor
Email for pricing and special introductory offers!
ACE Certified


Tuesday/Thursday6:00-7:00 am
Saturday8:30-9:30 am

While Group Fitness pricing is separate from Martial Arts tuition, classes are FREE to current martial arts students.

Unleash your inner beast and get the most out of life!